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Free-Range Ungraded Chicken Eggs

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Experience the authentic goodness of farm-fresh eggs with Salce Farms Free-Range Chicken Eggs. Harvested from a variety of chickens, our eggs offer a unique mix of flavors, sizes, and colors that truly embodies the diversity of our farm.

Our hens enjoy the freedom of the New Mexican outdoors in the quaint village of Corrales. This means each egg is a product of a healthy diet, leading to rich, nutrient-dense yolks that supermarket eggs simply cannot match.

Our eggs are ungraded, which aligns with our commitment to minimal handling and direct farm-to-table delivery. This means you can expect a range of sizes in each order, offering a more natural and genuine experience.

Each purchase not only provides you with high-quality, nutritious eggs but also supports our mission at Salce Farms - to sustainably produce food while respecting our animals and land.

Join us on this journey towards a healthier, more conscious way of eating. Experience the Salce Farms difference today!


  • Product: Free-range ungraded chicken eggs
  • Chicken breeds: Mixed
  • Grading: Ungraded
  • Sizes: Varies
  • Colors: Varies
  • Quantity: 1 Dozen
  • Shelf life: Please consume within 1 month for the best quality.
  • Storage: Keep refrigerated after receiving your order.

Please note: As a result of our eggs being fresh and ungraded, there might be slight variations in shell thickness, color, and size from one egg to another. We believe this is part of the natural beauty of our product and hope you do too!

Order your pack of Salce Farms Free-Range Chicken Eggs today, and bring a bit of our farm into your kitchen!